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Looking to make a difference in this world? The Michael Scott Kelly Sr. (MSK) Building Trades Scholarship Fund was established to support youth aspiring to learn a trade and build a business supporting the community.  A little monetary contribution can go a really long way in improving the viability of these entrepreneurs!. By assisting our youth with your generous support, you’ll transform their paths and steer them toward a better future. Founded in 2019 in memory of local carpenter and general contractor Mike Kelly, funds are raised to award an annual scholarship to a deserving youth moving to become a builder, carpenter, developer, etc.

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As an Annapolis area community Building and Trades Scholarship Fund, the MSK team desires to make a difference in the community. The MSK Building Trades Scholarship Fund supports the lives of those pursuing a career in the building trades. The objective is to support aspiring youth, support and assist them reaching their potential. The scholarship fund was established in memory of longtime community builder, developer, and contractor Mike Kelly Sr., He has always been the talk of the town — and we’re proud to keep you in the loop about all the latest news related to MSK Building Trades services. Make contact today!!

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Workshops available to Plan Construction Projects

Permitting, Planning, Budgeting

MSK Advisory Services can assist area youth through Workshops. Give us a call to discuss your idea, MSK always enjoyed assisting project planning, woodworking projects, mechanical repairs, roofing, etc. On-site hands on training available as needed.

Advisory Services available for area Entrepreneurs

Talk to a seasoned veteran!

MSK Building Trades staff is available to consult aspiring builders and construction area youth. Our team has many decades of experience to share with you in support of your career.  The building industry is highly dependent on your communication skills, developing networks, and multitasking. We can assist you with lessons learned over the years to simplify your quest.

MSK Building Trades Scholarship Fund

Resources to Achieve your Goals!

Annual Scholarship funds are available to area youth age 16 - 20. Applications are simplistic, due to the website address 1 June of each year. Entrants are asked to prepare one page summary of their career goals, achievements to date, why scholarship will help you achieve career advancement, etc. Acceptable Format:

1. Name, Address, Age, Drivers License #

2. Career Ambitions Summary

3. Scholarship Use Summary (eg. Academic or Project execution, etc.) 


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Get in touch for more information about the annual scholarship, Advisory services, or upcoming Workshops!.

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